This is Vegger.

Forging a sustainable future with innovative and eco-conscious solutions

Transforming Interiors since 2016.

At Vegger, we believe in harmonizing growing edible plants with modern living spaces.

Our expertise lies in developing vertical farms specifically designed for integration into interior environments of offices, hotels, and healthcare centers. Our Vegger vertical farms do more than just beautify spaces; they bring the tranquility of herb and flower gardens indoors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any location.

Moreover, they empower our clients to cultivate their own vegetables and herbs, offering the unique experience of indoor gardening.

Woman reaching for plant into Vegger FlaxFarm

We believe in what we do.

Our vision at Vegger is centered around making meaningful contributions to society and striving for a better world. We are committed to environmental and social sustainability, along with promoting the circularity of materials used in our vertical farms. 

In terms of social sustainability, Vegger focuses on creating healthier work environments, enhancing liveability and creativity. Our journey is about learning and evolving to sustain financially viable operations while maximizing our societal contributions and minimizing effecting the planet. Our growth is measured not just in profits, but more significantly in our societal impact. 

Our Goals for Environmental Sustainability and Healthy Food Production captures less waste, no pesticides, premium seeds and less food miles.  

Less Waste

We avoid single-use plastics and recycle as much as possible. Our substrates are primarily made from recycled, unused materials from the food sector, such as coco fibers and nutshells.

Less Water

Our hydroponic cultivation method uses up to 95% less water than conventional agriculture.

No Pesticides

Vegger cultivates crops naturally without the use of pesticides.

Less Food Miles

Your herbs and vegetables are grown where you are. This way, we reduce transportation and the ecological footprint.

Summarized in figures

In our journey to build a better world together, we are committed to achieving the following mission-critical goals: 

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Biodegradable Cultivation Materials 

Aiming to use solely biodegradable materials for sustainable farming.

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Pesticides and Harmful Chemicals

Our produce is grown without any pesticides or harmful chemicals, guaranteeing purity and safety.

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Less Water Consumption

We achieve a 95% reduction in water use compared to conventional farming, conserving this vital resource.

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Lower Carbon Footprint

Dedicated to achieving a 60% smaller carbon footprint in our vegetable production, for a greener planet.

Man looking up at the Vegger Flaxfarms

Our Foundations for Innovation and Experience:

Research & Development Center in the Heart of Food Valley, The Netherlands

At Vegger’s R&D center, our plant scientists are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the efficiency and sustainability of our cultivation techniques. Situated in the globally recognized Food Valley, we’re at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Production and Assembly Center in The Netherlands

Our production facility is where innovation meets reality. Here, we produce refills and assemble Vegger vertical farms before they embark on their journey to our clients. 

Experience Center to be Realized in Sweden

Our future Experience Center in Sweden will open its doors to visitors eager to discover our latest products. This centre will invite everyone to learn about Vegger solutions for creating growing green spaces and our contributions towards a healthier planet.

Want to know more?

We offer customization options in terms of the number of levels and colors to meet specific design needs.