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Benefits, Sustainability, 
and Efficiency

Enhancing workspaces for improved productivity and satisfaction, in harmony with sustainability goal

Empowering Spaces with Vegger

At Vegger, we specialize in vertical farming solutions tailored to a diverse range of businesses and organizations.

Whether you’re looking to greenify your corporate office, enhance the dining experience in your hotel or restaurant, provide fresh produce for your catering service, or integrate sustainable practices into healthcare facilities and real estate developments, Vegger has you covered.

Our collaboration with interior design and architectural firms ensures that our solutions seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of living and working spaces, promoting well-being and environmental responsibility across various industries. 





Aesthetics and Ambiance

Vegger Vertical Farms serve as decorative elements, adding a touch of nature to indoor spaces. They contribute to a visually pleasing environment, making the space more inviting and aesthetically appealing.

Air Quality Improvement

Many plants have air-purifying qualities, helping to remove pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Incorporating vertical farms can contribute to creating a healthier environment for occupants.

Biophilic Design

Plants are known to have a positive impact on mental well-being. Incorporating vertical farms into interior spaces supports the principles of biophilic design, which aims to connect people with nature, reduce stress, and enhance productivity.

Space Division & Privacy

Vertical Farms can be strategically placed to create natural partitions, defining spaces within larger areas. This can help in creating private or semi-private spaces in open offices or hotel lobbies.

Brand Image

In hotels, restaurants, and offices, plant pods can be chosen to align with the brand’s image or theme, reinforcing a particular atmosphere or identity.

Workplace Productivity

Studies have shown that incorporating plants into office spaces can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees. Vegger farms offer a convenient and organized way to introduce greenery into the workplace.

Healing Environments

In healthcare settings, Vertical Farms can contribute to creating healing environments. Plants have been associated with reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being, which can positively impact patients, visitors, and healthcare staff.

Automatized Systems

Vegger farms are designed with automatized systems, making them easy to maintain. This is particularly useful in environments where regular maintenance may be challenging, such as in busy offices or healthcare facilities.

This page offers insights into the costs and unparalleled value our vertical farming solutions provide. Let’s grow together into a greener future. 


Initial Investment

Getting started

Your journey to sustainable indoor farming starts with an initial investment in our state-of-the-art Flaxfarm models. With options to suit various needs and spaces, our Flaxfarm 35 and 60 are priced from €2000 per unit. Tailoring to your project, we offer personalized quotes to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your green ambitions. 


Running Costs

Sustaining Your Greens Year-Round 

PlantPod™ Costs

Enjoy efficient cultivation with Vegger PlantPods, designed for abundant and cost-effective harvests all year round, priced for exceptional value.

Energy Costs

Minimal daily energy use comparable to a laptop, costing approximately €0.16 per day, highlights our system’s sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Water Costs

Exceptional water efficiency with the Flaxfarm 35 and 60 models, translating to low annual costs of €1.08 and €1.8, respectively, emphasizing our commitment to conservation and affordability.


Efficiency & Sustainability

Minimizing Consumption, Maximizing Growth 

Vegger FlaxFarms stand at the intersection of sustainability and advanced technology, designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing growth.

Our vertical farms integrate energy-saving LED lights, efficient pumps, air circulation systems, and sophisticated control systems, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly indoor farming practices.

Energy Efficiency

Each FlaxFarm is engineered to consume minimal energy, akin to the daily usage of a modern laptop. This optimized energy use underscores our dedication to sustainable farming practices, reducing operational costs while maintaining high productivity.

Water Conservation

Pioneering in water efficiency, Vegger FlaxFarms feature innovative irrigation systems that direct every drop towards plant growth, significantly reducing waste. The Flaxfarm 35 and Flaxfarm 60 models exemplify our approach to using resources judiciously, ensuring every liter of water contributes to a thriving vertical garden.


Net Annual Value & Benefits

Growing Indoors with Benefit

Flaxfarm 35

The net annual value is approximately €348.54, after considering the annual costs for PlantPods (€342), energy (€59.70), and water (€2.16).

Flaxfarm 60

The net annual value is approximately €870.30, with the annual expenses for plantpods (€778), energy (€59.70), and water (€3.60) factored in.


Our Numbers.

Water and energy savings along with Vegger PlantPods contribute to a high net value.

Vegger Flaxfarms are not only pioneers in energy efficiency but also set the standard for water conservation in vertical farming.

Our innovative irrigation system ensures that every drop of water contributes directly to plant growth, significantly reducing waste and operational costs. 

Monthly Water Usage

FlaxFarm 35: Consumes around 120 liters, and FlaxFarm 60: 200 liters, equating to the water used in approximately a 10-minute shower.

Monthly Energy Consumption

Both FlaxFarm 35 and FlaxFarm 60 utilize around 19.626 kWh of energy monthly, comparable to the energy expended by using a modern laptop for about 11 hours per day.

Monthly Production Capacity

Given that the average harvest time for Vegger’s PlantPods is one month, the FlaxFarm 35 model accommodates 42 plant pods, while the FlaxFarm 60 model can host 96 PlantPods each month.

Have Some More Questions?

Interested in learning more about Vegger’s efficiency and sustainability? Contact us for detailed information and calculations.