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Vegger Vertical Farms


Our vertical farms are the culmination of +7 years of dedicated research and development.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the interior design of work and living spaces such as offices and hotels, Vegger products embody efficiency and elegance. Key features include:

Available in two sizes and colors (midnight black and sage green), Flaxfarm is our flagship vertical farming product. 

Efficient LED Lighting

Our systems use advanced LED lighting to ensure the growth of high-quality herbs and vegetables indoors without the need for external light sources.

Ventilation System

Optimized for the best plant growth environments.

FlaxFarm Standard

Features 3 cultivation levels. It comes in two versions: Flaxfarm 35 (thin version, 35 cm width) and Flaxfarm 60 (wider, 60 cm width).

Vegger – FlaxFarm 60 – Front View – Black

Efficient LED Lighting


Hydroponic Cultivation Systems

Plantation Capacity

FlaxFarm Standard


Hydroponic Cultivation Systems

These allow for soil-less plant growth using nutrient-rich solutions, ensuring a pesticide-free cultivation process.


Our products are fully automated, ‘plug and play’ devices, simplifying the gardening experience.

Plantation Capacity

Flaxfarm 60 can accommodate 96 plantation pots, and Flaxfarm 35 can hold 42 pots for a 3-layer setup.

Two Units, Infinite Possibilities

Discover the versatility of Vegger’s indoor farming solutions with our two standard units: the Flaxfarm 35 and Flaxfarm 60.

Engineered for flexibility, these systems can can be used as standalone units, bringing life and greenery to any corner of your space.

They can be also joined together. Connect multiple units to form elegant partitions, or seamlessly integrate them with your existing interior spaces and furniture pieces.

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FlaxFarm 35

Dimensions: 130 cm (L), 35 cm (W), 200 cm (H)

Capacity: 42 PlantPods 

Number of Levels: 3 (standard)

Mounting: Wall or floor mounting options

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FlaxFarm 60

Dimensions: 130 cm (L), 60 cm (W), 200 cm (H)

Capacity: 96 PlantPods

Number of Levels: 3 (standard)

Mounting: Wall or floor mounting options

Quality, Simplicity, and Sustainability

Vegger specializes in transforming interior spaces with innovative vertical farms and indoor gardens, designed for the modern interior landscape. Our solutions are tailored to enrich your living and working environments, promoting health, productivity, and a deeper connection with nature.

Made in Europe

Vegger products are developed and produced in Europe, adhering to the highest production and quality standards.

Sustainable and Efficient

Applying cutting-edge energy-saving solutions, Vegger is dedicated to maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Modular and Plug & Play

The modularity of Vegger products, combined with their automation, ensures easy installation and maintenance.


Create variety of forms with our coupling system.

Vegger FlaxFarm Modularity 01

Flexible Integration for Any Space

Vegger FlaxFarm series redefine indoor farming with their modular design, allowing for integration into a variety of spaces.

Whether you’re looking to fill a cozy corner or transform an entire wall, these units adapt to meet your vision, blending form and function in unique ways.

Vegger FlaxFarm Modularity 01

Creative Connections for Custom Layouts

With the ability to link FlaxFarm units to each other and integrate with both ornamental plant shelves and standard shelving, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Design tailored green partitions, walls, or freestanding structures that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of any interior space.

Vegger FlaxFarm Modularity 01

Enhancing Interiors with Green Spaces

The innovative connectors and extensions of Vegger FlaxFarms not only facilitate the creation of verdant areas but also ensure they can be harmoniously combined with existing furniture.

This approach elevates indoor gardens to a new level, enriching interiors with living, breathing greenery that inspires.

Vegger Bespoke FlaxFarm with wood panels

Your Bespoke FlaxFarm.

We offer customization options in terms of the number of levels and colors to meet specific design needs.

Man using Vegger FlaxFarm


Vegger provides comprehensive support from seed to harvest.

Our services ensure everything from installation of the products to the final harvest is managed efficiently, allowing clients to enjoy the rewards of their vertical garden with minimal effort.

From Seed to Harvest.

Our PlantPods offer a hassle-free cultivation experience

Each PlanPod contains everything needed for plant growth, including seeds, substrate, and nutrients.

We offer a variety of PlantPods, including herbs, microgreens, and leafy greens, catering to diverse culinary needs.

Person putting a plant pod back into a Vegger FlaxFarm

All Natural.

The PlantPods are made from sustainable and recycled materials like coco fibers, nut shells, and coco peat, providing a biodegradable and eco-friendly growing medium. 

Vegger PlantPod made out of Coconut Husk

Coconut Husk

Nut Shells

Coco Fiber Pots

Simplify Your Indoor Gardening

Unlock the full potential of your FlaxFarm with the VeggerConnect app, designed to make indoor gardening effortless and enjoyable.

Growth Cycle Tracking

Stay updated on the development stage of each plant.

Care Reminders

Receive timely reminders for harvesting, and more.

PlantPod Order

Easily order PlantPods with just a few taps.

Direct Support

Access personalized advice and support from Vegger’s expert team.

With VeggerConnect, focus on the joy and health benefits of fresh, locally-grown produce, making indoor gardening a simple and rewarding.

Download the App here:


These examples showcase the versatility and effectiveness of Vegger’s solutions in various settings. 

Applications of our products and services can be seen in projects like:

Hotel Haarhuis

Office (Design Inspiration)

Office Lunchroom

Yanmar Tokyo Building

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We offer customization options in terms of the number of levels and colors to meet specific design needs.