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FlaxFarm in Commercial kitchens

FlaxFarm 60

Vegger FlaxFarm in stainless steel is an excellent solution for restaurants aiming to offer fresh, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality. With our advanced technology, restaurant owners can produce pesticide-free salads, herbs, and edible flowers on-site, ensuring freshness while minimizing environmental impact.

Our FlaxFarm is designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards. By utilizing a water-based cultivation system, it seamlessly integrates into professional kitchen environments without compromising food safety.

Chefs can now elevate their dishes by garnishing them with freshly picked herbs and salads grown right in their own kitchen – it doesn’t get more locally sourced than this.

Vegger – Commercial Kitchen Render 03

In the images above and below you can see how we’ve integrated the FlaxFarm next to the service hatch facing the restaurant area. By using glass walls instead of solid partitions, guests can also enjoy the green atmosphere while savoring their meals. 

With Vegger FlaxFarm, the restaurant experience becomes both flavorful and visually impressive – a reliable choice for restaurant owners committed to providing the best for their guests and the environment.