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Hotel Haarhuis

FlaxFarm 60

In the heart of Arnhem, Hotel Haarhuis has embraced the innovative integration of Vegger FlaxFarm units, elevating the concept of its LOCALS restaurant, which prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients.

These vertical farming systems, strategically placed on the second floor, not only supply the hotel’s chefs with an assortment of fresh herbs and leafy greens directly adjacent to their kitchen but also enhance the culinary experience with the freshest produce possible.

The presence of Vegger FlaxFarms transcends traditional gardening, offering guests a unique opportunity to explore the verdant herb garden, thus enriching their stay with an immersive, green experience.

Visible from the Arnhem Central station, the lush greenery of the FlaxFarm units not only serves as a beacon of sustainability but also establishes LOCALS as a distinctive landmark in Arnhem, symbolizing a commitment to local sourcing and environmental consciousness.

This project exemplifies how Vegger solutions can revolutionize space utilization, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits that align perfectly with the ethos of modern, sustainable hospitality.