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Office Lunchroom

Vegger Bespoke Farm

Integrating Vegger’s innovative farming systems into your office lunchroom is not just a smart choice for creating a greener and more vibrant work environment, but it can also improve the health and well-being of your employees. With flourishing plants that thrive indoors, you not only create healthier air quality but also a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Having fresh vegetables and herbs available directly from the farming system for lunch is not only convenient but also nutritious. With these locally-grown crops, you can be sure that your food is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, which not only enhances the taste but also promotes health and well-being.

By integrating Vegger’s farming systems into your office lunchroom, you not only enhance the meal experience but also create a beautiful decorative element that lifts the overall room experience. With surrounding greenery, a calm and harmonious work environment is created that promotes well-being.

In this design example, we have chosen Vegger Bespoke Farm. A product that allows creating completely unique design solutions with our farming systems.

We have chosen to integrate the farming system into a wall with tiled niches to create a sense of exclusivity and to seamlessly blend the farming system with the office’s interior architecture in a harmonious way.

This design demonstrates how Vegger Bespoke Farm can be customized to fit into any interior concept.