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Yanmar Tokyo Building

FlaxFarm 35

Vegger’s FlaxFarm 30 will be integrated into the Yanmar Tokyo building to elevate the employee experience by transforming their workspace into a verdant, health-centric environment.
Positioned on the top floor, Vegger systems will not just cultivating fresh herbs and greens for the employee restaurant but are also reinforcing the company’s dedication to health and wellbeing.

This initiative aligns with a broader vision of creating high-quality, sustainable working spaces where nature and nourishment play pivotal roles in daily corporate life.

Overlooking the bustling Tokyo Central Station, the installation of Vegger FlaxFarm units contributes significantly to the biophilic design of the building, merging modern aesthetics with natural elements.
This strategic placement not only serves the practical purpose of providing fresh produce but also acts as a visual statement of Yanmar’s commitment to sustainability and employee welfare.

Through this project, Vegger wants to effectively demonstrate how integrating green solutions can transform corporate spaces into healthier, more inviting environments, fostering a connection with nature in urban settings.