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Vegger and Huuskes Share A Vision in Enhancing Meal Experience with Fresh Produce

Vegger and Huuskes have the same vision in revolutionizing the dining experience in healthcare organizations.  Vegger has integrated high-tech indoor vegetable gardens to produce fresh, healthy vegetables on-site healthcare organizations. This initiative not only aims to improve the meal experience but also to contribute to a greener indoor environment and foster social activities among residents. 

When Marie-José discovered the Vegger indoor garden system, she immediately saw its potential for Innoforte, recognizing the health benefits and the positive impact on the living environment. The Vegger system offers fresh herbs and leafy greens, enhancing the taste and nutritional value of meals while also purifying the air and enriching the oxygen levels indoors. Remarkably, the system is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no gardening expertise thanks to its modular design, smart watering, and automated LED lighting that ensures optimal plant growth throughout the year. 

Beyond the health and environmental benefits, the indoor gardens serve as a social hub. Residents are drawn together by the gardens, where they can engage in conversations and activities. The tactile, aromatic, and flavorful experiences of the gardens are especially beneficial for residents with dementia, providing sensory stimulation and opportunities for social interaction. The act of harvesting together reinforces a sense of community and belonging. 

Through their collaboration, Vegger and Huuskes are not only delivering fresh, tasty, and nutritious food options for healthcare facilities but are also creating a more enjoyable and stimulating living environment. This partnership exemplifies how innovative solutions can simultaneously address health, environmental, and social needs in care settings.