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Vegger's Vertical Farms: A Model for Green Deal Sustainable Care

Vegger’s implementation of vertical farms in care homes has been recognized by the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, or National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Dutch Ministry of Health as a successful example of integrating the Green Deal Sustainable Healthcare principles. This recognition highlights the effectiveness of Vegger’s innovative approach in creating healthier environments for senior residents in nursing homes. 

These vertical farms, installed in Stichting Innoforte’s facilities, not only supply fresh produce year-round but also contribute significantly to the therapeutic atmosphere, enhancing the well-being of the elderly. This initiative demonstrates how modern agricultural technology can be harmoniously integrated into healthcare settings, aligning with the objectives of the Green Deal Sustainable Healthcare to promote sustainability and well-being in care institutions. 

Vegger’s project serves as a pioneering model for sustainable healthcare, illustrating the potential of vertical farming to transform care environments into vibrant, green spaces that benefit both residents and the planet.